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Or, at least it will…

DECEMBER’S QUESTION: In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what’s your plan to get there?

Wow. You really want me to think about the future?

Okay… According to leading psychology journals, one can predict future behaviour from the past.

In the last year I’ve established my blog and added social media links to it (Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Wattpad, Writing.com and INK). I’ve made a couple of friends (some who happen to be writers) from all over the world, through doing bloghops (like this one!) as listed in my sidebar and through the various other things there.

I’ve tried out various writing forms and I’m now a judge on Cracked Flash Fiction Competition.

By publishing some of my stories on writing platforms like Wattpad, Writing.com and INK, I’ve generated a new following of readers who enjoy my work. I’ve even won Fiction Writer of the Year on INK in October. Most of my stories are available in both Afrikaans and English.

I’ve also spruced up my English grammar use by doing an online course. And I’m learning how to draw.

Huh. I would’ve thought it all impossible a year ago.

So in five years…

I will be supreme ruler of the world!


In five years I will be a bestselling author.

The future’s alive

Alive as can be

Just open your eyes, it’s plain to see

Just don’t be afraid

Just keep going on

One step at a time and you can’t go wrong

It’s time to create

Time to grow…

The Future Has Arrived, All-American Rejects.

You can listen to the song playing in my head.

How will I accomplish that goal?

  • By continuing on the path I’m currently on.
  • I’ll learn more about writing (it’s an ongoing process for us all).
  • I’ll enter more competitions.
  • I’ll send stories to magazines and anthologies.
  • I’ll make sure that my author brand is clear and recognisable.
  • I’ll do the rewrites on my novels I realised are needed.
  • And I won’t give up.

And if hunting agents turns out to be the wrong path for me, I’ll switch gears and learn all there is to know about self-publishing.

I won’t give up.

Planning more than that might make me start giggling hysterically.

How about you? Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you make plans for the future? Did you like the song selection?

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