My writing on the web

Pure Fantasy Short Stories:

Fantasy Stories in Afrikaans:

Fantasy Stories in English:

Stories on Scrolls

  • Introduction to the Stories on Scrolls
  • Day of Black Sun *
  • Chasing the Nightmare Steed
  • Haunted Bats
  • An Aside: The Hunter’s Heart
  • The Torn Veil
  • The Darkest Day
  • Moonless Night
  • An Aside: The Hunter’s Fear
  • Cracked Dreams*
  • Tulips of Death and Life

The Stories on Scrolls can be read on Wattpad. The series is updated monthly. See #FolkloreThursday posts for notifications.

stories on scrolls cover


Cracked Flash Fiction Competition


Tales of the Onyx Labyrinth:

  • The Guardian
  • Running Scared
  • The Dark Muse
  • Inferno
  • Creature of Dissent
  • Mischief and Misdirection
  • Beauty Underneath
  • The Beginning of the End
  • Fire in the Dark
  • Fleeing from Grey

The Tales of the Onyx Labyrinth can be read on Wattpad. The series is updated monthly. See #FolkloreThursday posts for notifications.

onyx cover 2.1

The Adventures of Saphira the Faery Dog / Die Avonture van Saphira die Feëtjie Hond

  1. Faery Dog Princesses / Feëtjie Hond Prinsesse
  2. Saphira the Tracker / Saphira die Spoorsnyer
  3. Saphira the Fighter / Saphira die Vegter
  4. Saphira and the Festival of the Fae / Saphira en die Halfeeufees
  5. Saphira the Swimming Faery Dog / Saphira die Swemmende Feëtjie Hond *
  6. Saphira the Mighty Faery Dog / Saphira die Magtige Feëtjie Hond
  7. Saphira’s Impossible Choice / Saphira se Onmoontlike Keuse
  8. Saphira and the Invading Dwarfs / Saphira en die Dwerge in haar Berge
  9. Saphira and the Library Under the Mountain / Saphira en die Biblioteek Onder die Berg *
  10. Saphira’s Nightmare / Saphira se Nagmerrie
  11. Saphira and the Accidental Lovers / Saphira en die Toevallige Liefde
  12. Saphira and the Spelled Scissors / Saphira en die Getoorde Skêre
  13. Saphira in the Dark Forest / Saphira in die Donker Woud *
  14. Saphira and the Enchanted Song / Saphira en die Toorlied*
  15. Saphira’s Itchy Scars / Saphira se Jeukerige Rowe
  16. Saphira’s Storm / Saphira se Storm *
  17. Saphira and the Fates / Saphira en die Skikgodinne


cover saphira wattpad      cover saphira afr watt

Short stories – contemporary but with magical element:

Short stories in Afrikaans:


Short stories in English:

Non-magical short stories:

Short stories in English:

Just Deserts is a Cinderella retelling.

  • The Shoes
  • Twisted Sisters
  • Magical Make-Over
  • A Night to Remember
  • No Matter What

Short stories in Afrikaans:

* Won or placed in short story competitions (see Accolades page).


My Guest Posts:

Your Novel’s Genre Matters on the Writer’s Gambit.

Zombies: Through Folklore, Film and Fiction on the Folklore Thursday website.

The Art of Writing Explained on Writer to Writers.

Why Writers Should Write Flash Fiction on Writer to Writers.

Why Authors Should Use Social Media on Writer to Writers.

Why Blog Hops are Good for Writers on Writer to Writers.

Why You Should Read Top Blogs to Survive the Publishing Game on Writer to Writers.

A New Place to Share and Find Books on Writer to Writers.

The Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge on Writer to Writers

  1. Set Up Your Author Blog
  2. Define Yourself as a Writer
  3. Set Your Writing Goals
  4. Join Twitter
  5. Join Google+
  6. Join a Visual Social Media Platform
  7. Interact on Twitter
  8. Find and Share a Helpful Article
  9. Add Pictures to Blog Posts
  10. Take Part in a Flash Fiction Challenge
  11. Create To-Do Lists
  12. Join Wattpad
  13. Write a Blog Post and Include a Call to Action
  14. Read a Blog Post and Comment
  15. Publicise a Blog Post
  16. Join Goodreads
  17. The Value of Guest Posts and Interviews
  18. Make New Connections


My Writing Published on other Blogs/Ezines:

Blood and Ice on The Ink Owl.

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  1. Hi there. I found you on Woes. I am currently building a fantasy world, and your work has inspired me. Keep it up!


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