A Word on Copyright

FYI everything you write down is copyrighted the moment you do. In any medium. Thus all my work featured on this blog (and on INK, Wattpad and writing.com) is copyrighted because I wrote it.

Unauthorised duplication (in any form) and/ or use of the material featured on this blog is strictly prohibited.

I give other WordPress.com users permission to share content from Ronel the Mythmaker on other WordPress.com sites and add their own content to it (aka to reblog my content), so long as they use only a portion of my post and they give me credit as the original author by linking back to my site (ronelthemythmaker.wordpress.com).

As for images: unless otherwise specified (or obviously taken by me) most all images come from Unsplash, Pixabay, Morguefile and other royalty free image sites.

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