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B is for Betrayal.

Fitting in with the overall theme and feel of my blog, I decided to share a short story with you that takes place in my Faerie world. The Story of the Galno is one that I wrote years ago and recently changed a little as things progressed in other stories (most notably The Adventures of Saphira the Faery Dog. I hope you enjoy this story about choices and betrayal.

Rumour Has It

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


Jamie MacKinnion purposely walked through the thick foliage reminiscent of a tropical forest. He didn’t care much for Faerie’s new look. Where once everything had the distinct feel of cold Caledonian forests, moors, heaths and mountains, only the Faery Queen’s newest whim stood.

It was infuriating. And it fuelled the rumours making the rounds.

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I hope that you enjoyed this story. I always appreciate feedback, so don’t hesitate to comment. More stories about Faerie will enchant, terrify and entertain you throughout the month of April.

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