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H is for Home.

Though most Fae live in Faerie (see F post), there are those who live in the Labyrinth that stretches beneath the surface of the Earth.

I did a post about the folklore of the Labyrinth for last year’s A-Z.

Pliny‘s Natural History mentions four ancient labyrinths: the Cretan labyrinth, an Egyptian labyrinth, a Lemnian labyrinth, and an Italian labyrinth.

All the histories on labyrinths I’ve read have one conclusion (if you think like I do): all these labyrinths are indeed one labyrinth beneath the surface of the earth.”

Though that barely scratched the surface of what the Labyrinth truly is. Perhaps because I had only just started to explore… Here’s what I’ve found thus far.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is home to many. Various Fae and creatures live in the Labyrinth, though there are those that cluster together in Courts. Each Court has its own labyrinth. The true Labyrinth spreads between the Courts, always hiding their true location.

The Labyrinth connects with all the Courts, ancient places it has swallowed, the Dwarf Mine, and even with human tunnels and underground systems. The Labyrinth is everywhere. The Labyrinth is the most powerful magical place outside of Faerie. And the Labyrinth is alive.

The Different Labyrinths:

Onyx Labyrinth

The onyx stone is alive. It speaks with special individuals and shares it secrets. Most of the time it decides for its inhabitants where they’ll go – even if it isn’t where they want to go. Only the Elves, the servants in this Labyrinth, can go wherever they wish.

Home of the Onyx Court and of Brandon, the Duke of the Onyx Labyrinth, and of Daphne, Guardian of the Labyrinth. The colour mostly associated with this labyrinth: black.

Echo Labyrinth

Music everywhere. Have to sing/play a song on a musical instrument to make the walls move and let you go where you wish to. Still has Elves as servants that can go anywhere. The right music can move/heal/change anything.

Home of the Harmonic Court and of Princess Calliope, betrothed to the Duke of the Onyx Labyrinth. The colour mostly associated with this labyrinth: pink and purple.

Verdure Labyrinth

The only labyrinth where plants grow freely. It is very close to the surface of the Earth. Most all the trees and shrubs are alive and act as a living, moving labyrinth that hinders and terrifies those who don’t belong.

Home of the Sylvan Court and earth-dwelling creatures such as Grogochs and Digmoles. The colour mostly associated with this labyrinth: green.

Wadi Labyrinth

In the wet season it floods and becomes home to some Water Fae. The rest of the time it is supposedly abandoned, but outlaws, nomads, fugitives and those in search of higher meaning always seem to find themselves there. The Guardian rarely venture there. The dry river beds act as quicksand and should be best avoided – travellers should walk in labyrinthine patterns to find the entrances, exits and secrets of this labyrinth. The colour mostly associated with this labyrinth: brown.

Inferno Labyrinth

It always smells of sulphur and lava bubbles in fountains. This Court is the most affected by the Curse of the Labyrinth, for they are the first Court created in the deepest part of the Labyrinth. Though everyone else is emotionally scarred from the Curse, the Dragon Court Fae is physically scarred and even ill from the Curse. The Inferno Labyrinth has hardened lava walls instead of the fluid liquid lava walls it once possessed.

Home of the Dragon Court and Dragon Nymphs such as Blaze. The colour mostly associated with this labyrinth: orange and red.

Grey Labyrinth

The High Court rules the Labyrinth with strict rules of propriety (drama, mischief and inappropriate behaviour will be severely dealt with). The Grey Guardians have power throughout the Labyrinth for they are the High Queen’s. The grey stone of the Grey Labyrinth moves like smoke, enveloping all who stand in its way.

Home of the High Queen and the Grey Guardians. The colour mostly associated with this labyrinth: grey.

And though all these Fae are cursed (for the Labyrinth is cursed – see E post) they survive their underground home.

I’m sure I’ll discover more as I journey through the Labyrinth…

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking behind the curtain of the workings of the series Tales of the Onyx Labyrinth.  For more about labyrinths and the Labyrinth, check out my Pinterest board on the subject. Any questions or suggestions?

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