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J is for Job.

The Labyrinth is a busy place. There are different jobs for everyone who live in there.

Here are a few of the most common jobs in the Labyrinth.


Travel from labyrinth to labyrinth selling wares (food, clothes, trinkets, etc.). They never truly belong to any Court and are considered nomads.


Protect those in the Labyrinth at all cost. Each Court has its own Guardians.

Goblins/Red Caps:

Go on missions topside – with a Guardian to represent the Court – to steal food, etc. from humans.


The servants of the Labyrinth. They cook and clean for the Courts and even babysit the children of the Court.

Non-royal Fae:

From them the Guardians are chosen. The rest make weapons for the Guardians and other warriors from the royal class and they also make clothes and other necessities.

Royal Fae:

A few are warriors (like the Duke of the Onyx Labyrinth) and will physically protect their Court when necessary. Others are extremely magically gifted and will use their abilities to protect. Mostly, though, they are expected to marry and have as many children as possible before the Curse takes them. They make a joined effort to raise and educate their children.

All non-royal Fae are expected to do so too. Though their children learn from an early age the trade of their parents, while Court Brats (as Daphne calls them) are taken care of by the elves and enjoy the finer things in life – such as attending the theatre.

Royal Fae also have to deal with Court politics – each Court has its own agenda. Alliances are usually forged through marriage (e.g. Brandon and Calliope’s engagement).


Each Court is lucky enough to have a Healer. They know how to cure – or at least alleviate – every magical ailment. They have their ruler’s ear and are considered important even among the royal Fae. Healers seem to know everything from everyone and are somehow able to escape the Curse for most of their lives.

Rulers of Courts:

Each Court has its own ruler. Though the children of the ruler are called “prince” or “princess” the ruler is “duke” or “duchess”. Only the High Queen can carry the title of Queen. The rulers have to make sure that their subjects are safe and have adequate food and other comforts – this is acquired through negotiating with other rulers.

Perhaps a bit dark and stuffy, but oh-so perfect as a throne room for the High Queen of the Labyrinth.

As an example of how things work:

“Daphne pretended to faint and attracted the full attention of the drivers of the two catering vans. Except for them, the street between two high rise buildings were empty. Her ploy worked and the two men abandoned their trucks to rush over to her.

While they were fussing over her, she watched the dark brown lizard-like creatures out of the corner of her eye as they removed all the food from the trucks and took it down the drain into the sewage line. A special trolley waited there for the food. The five goblins made quick work of removing every edible.

‘Thank you,’ she said to the two men as the last of the food disappeared with the goblins. Daphne sat up and smiled dazzlingly at them – which made their minds goo for a moment. She dived into the drain after the Fae thieves.

She preferred working with the goblins over the Red Caps. The goblins were good at stealing stuff and following orders whereas the Red Caps mostly just wanted to slaughter everyone who stood between them and what they seek.

Daphne quickly jumped from the sewage line to the entrance to the Labyrinth. The opening was getting smaller by the moment. She fought the urge to close her eyes as she fell the distance down to where the goblins waited for her.”

The Guardian, Tales of the Onyx Labyrinth, Ronel Janse van Vuuren

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the Labyrinth. The Tales of the Onyx Labyrinth can be found on Wattpad. I always appreciate feedback, so don’t hesitate to comment. Any job you’d prefer to do in the Labyrinth?

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