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In case you missed out on my awesome posts for writers this last year. (From May 2017 to present.)

For your convenience: From oldest to newest. Numbered because there are so many. Guest posts/interviews in bold. Previous Toolbox posts in bold.

  1. How Wattpad Works
  2. RSS Feeds and the Good They Can Do For Your Blog #AuthorToolboxBlogHop
  3. Blogging for Writers: What Blogging Teaches about Writing
  4. Adding Goodreads to my Author Platform
  5. Why Authors should have a Writing Platform #AuthorToolboxBlogHop
  6. Blogging for Writers: Keep Readers Engaged #AuthorToolboxBlogHop
  7. The Difference between Building Your Brand and Being Hustled #writerslife #IWSG
  8. Author Platform Challenge #AuthorToolboxBlogHop
  9. Proper Guest Post and Interview Etiquette
  10. Why You Need to Hire a Freelancer to Get Your Novel from Meh to Marvellous #AuthorToolboxBlogHop (Interview/Guest Post)
  11. Understanding Vanity Publishing and Author Services #AuthorToolboxBlogHop (Guest Post)
  12. Gather All the Tools You Need with the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop #AtoZChallenge (Interview with Raimey)
  13. The Reasons Branding Confuses You and How To Fix That Right Now #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  14. Interview with the Editors of “Unbound” #AtoZChallenge (Publishing Opportunity)
  15. Editing Loop #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  16. The Importance of Folklore #AtoZChallenge
  17. Getting it Right: Writing to Market #AtoZChallenge #ownvoices (Interview)
  18. How to Write But Still Have a Life #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  19. Joining Writing Groups #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  20. Knowledge and Where to Find it #AtoZChallenge
  21. What is it REALLY Like to be a Writer? #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  22. Making a Living as a Writer #AtoZChallenge
  23. Opening Up #AtoZChallenge #amwriting
  24. The Pros and Cons of Traditional and Self-Publishing #AtoZChallenge #AuthorToolboxBlogHop (Guest Post)
  25. The Perfect Query Letter #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  26. Interview about Reimaginings Books #AtoZChallenge (Publishing Opportunity)
  27. The Importance of Seeing Yourself in a Book #AtoZChallenge #diversity (Guest Post)
  28. Tech Tips for Writers #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  29. Understanding Character #AtoZChallenge #amwriting
  30. Vying for Attention #AtoZChallenge
  31. Writing Conferences, Retreats and Workshops #AtoZChallenge
  32. X-Factor: Beta Readers and Critique Partners #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  33. Zooming in: Author Spotlights and Guest Posts #AtoZChallenge (Guest Post)
  34. Taking Impostor Syndrome to Its Limits #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

It’s good to take stock and know what you have on your blog. I hope the titles are self-explanatory. There are publishing tips, writing tips, marketing tips, selling your book tips, social media tips, and other things you might be interested in (within the theme of the Author Toolbox Blog Hop).

Do you have any blog posts you’ve written in the last year that you think might still be worth visiting?

This post was written for the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop. Check out the other participating blogs here.

And if you’re interested to know why I’ve been so quiet the last couple of weeks, check out my guest post over on Writing Wranglers and Warriors.

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