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Like every other April I’ve done the A-Z, I’m exhausted. 2016. 2017. 2018. Though I didn’t write most of the posts, getting experts in the area of Everything Writerly to write articles for me, I got a lot of writing and writing business things done and visited a couple of different blogs a day.

There’s a part of me that feels like I could’ve done even more… Why did I need to sleep? I could’ve finished the daily lists too…

I’m using the daily lists to do an A-Z road trip now that April is over. I think it might take a while to get through the lists…

Craziness aside, I had a fun time.

  • I took the opportunity during the A-Z to follow and friend authors on Goodreads, and to add more books to my TBR that were recommended by bloggers.
  • My favourite post was “Netiquette”. I finally learned how to do the whole comment signature thing when visiting blogs. (I think I originally read the post on the WordPress site and commented there.)
  • From comments I received, it turns out my theme of Everything Writerly was a smashing success. I certainly learned a lot.
  • I made a couple of new friends – which is what the A-Z is all about – and I visited a couple of old friends, too.
  • I think my favourite theme this year was Tizzy’s take on “Alice in Wonderland”. Definitely worth a visit.

Things that added unnecessary stress:

  • A guest blogger kept asking to change their deadline and ultimately didn’t deliver. Seriously? Note: if someone asks you to guest blog, say yes or no, don’t leave them hanging after you’ve agreed to do it and agreed to a deadline.
  • Trying to figure out what someone’s blog is about: some people gave a theme, but didn’t stick to it. Or said it was about the art of writing/publishing, but just journalised about whatever was going on in their life at that moment.
  • Last year the same people posted at the same time and it was easy to read their posts in order. This year, I would go to the blog on my list of daily visits (I made a little spreadsheet in Excel to keep track) and find that they haven’t posted yet. I’ll forget that I haven’t read that day’s post, move on and it will sort of pile up as a job at the end of the week I’m just not in the mood for. And let’s not talk about the wrong links on the daily lists… (DON’T use the link in the preview window. When you’ve scheduled your post, the link is there right beneath the title of your post. Copy that. – at least for WordPress.)
  • People comment, but don’t leave a link to their blog/Twitter either in the comment or in the form they use to comment. So how am I supposed to visit back? Or when I click on their name, it takes me to that page where WordPress says that the site has been deleted. (Check under settings that your site’s URL matches what you are really using.)

Mmm… I can’t think of anything else that really bothered me.

Okay, so here’s a list of my posts for this year’s A-Z. My theme was Everything Writerly.

A: Gather All the Tools You Need with the Author Toolbox Blog Hop interview with Raimey Gallant

B: The Reasons Branding Confuses You and How To Fix That Right Now by Rachel Thompson

C: Interview with the Editors of Unbound

D: Warrior Up

E: Editing Loop by ML Keller

F: The Importance of Folklore

G: Getting it Right: Writing to Market by Holly Evans

H: How to Write but Still Have a Life by Chrys Fey

I: Ill-prepared: Fear of Success and of Failure

J: Joining Writing Groups by Alex J Cavanaugh

K: Knowledge and Where to Find it 

L: What is it REALLY Like to be a Writer? By Anne R Allen

M: Making a Living as a Writer 

N: Notebooks and Other Things for Writing 

O: Opening Up 

P: The Pros and Cons of Traditional and Self-Publishing by Iola Goulton

Q: The Perfect Query Letter with Hoda Agharazi

R: Interview about Reimaginings Books with Anna Jailene Aguilar

S: The Importance of Seeing Yourself in a Book by Rain Sivertsen

T: Tech Tips for Writers by Jacqui Murray

U: Understanding Character 

V: Vying for Attention

W: Writing Conferences, Retreats and Workshops 

X: X-Factor: Beta Readers and Critique Partners by Stephanie Faris

Y: Why Not? 

Z: Zooming In: Author Spotlights and Guest Posts by Juneta Key

No matter where you are in your writing career, I’m sure these posts will help you.

Oh! I have some great news. Throughout the A-Z I said that my book will be published in July… Well, I’ve moved it up to the end of this month! I realised as the A-Z moved on, that there was no need to wait.

I have some wonderful blogging friends who will be hosting me from the 23rd to the 31st of May, so be sure to check out their blogs. (I’ll post a list with links on the 27th.) If you’d like to host me, check out this post.

I’d love it if you could join me on social media throughout the week of the launch to help spread the word of my collection of faery tales inspired by folklore. On the 21st I’ll post all the details here on the blog that you can use around the web.

Something else I realised during the A-Z: to get more writing done, I have to change my blog schedule.

So from now on, all the posts (with a couple of exceptions during book launches) will appear only on Sundays. That includes folklore posts.

I’ll still be offline during June, September, December and March — so if a Wednesday is first up in a month I’m online again, my Insecure Writer’s Support Group post will be on that Wednesday.

What did you do in April? What realisations did you come to during the A-Z? Do you have any big plans for May?

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