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We’ll get to the theme reveal in a moment…

Let’s start with how awful February was – not just in a writing sense but also in an overall I-nearly-died sense. I’m not exaggerating: I got bronchopneumonia (yeah, yeah infection of my lungs) with a complication of sepsis (yeah, yeah the bacteria going from my lungs into my bloodstream).

Do you know how hard it was to be blurry, incoherent and not able to write? I couldn’t spell my own name!

I snuck in a bit of emailing, ‘cause I just had to finalise a few things. Luckily I had Iola do the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop post for February or there wouldn’t have been one. I wasn’t allowed to write, blog, do social media, watch anything fun on TV or read. I’m lucky I escaped the ICU – it would’ve made me too anxious and made my infections worse, so I had to stay in bed, with a heart rate monitor, move very slowly, drink lots of antibiotics and other icky meds, and just focus on getting better. My mind cleared and I got irritated, annoyed, stuck in my own head, and still not allowed to do anything fun or work-related.

I’m still irritable.

I thought I had a bad cough and that the meds for that was making me, well, illiterate. Which irritated me to no end seeing as I had high tea scheduled with writing friend Anne, stories for anthologies to write, my folklore posts for February to write and a novel to edit. I coughed through our high tea – and had to stay in bed for two weeks!

Skipping ahead…

My outline/first draft is done for both anthology competitions – I’m so grateful that the deadlines were extended beyond February so I can still write something decent.

The first is the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” retelling by Reimaginings – go check it out. It’s by the same lovely ladies who organised “Cinderella Reimagined”.

The second is a fairy tale retelling anthology with a libertarian theme by The Agorist Writer’s Workshop – this is for the fourth volume of the Clarion Call. You’ll remember that I got published in the third volume “Unbound”.

Go check out these opportunities! As I mentioned in a guest post over on writer friend Juneta’s blog, anthologies can be good for your writing career.

Theme for A-Z Challenge 2018 on Ronel the Mythmaker: Everything Writerly.

Publishing, Writing, Selling. There’ll be lots of interviews, guest posts and my usual researched articles.

The point is to learn about the publishing industry, selling your work to publishers and readers, being a writer, and having a thriving writing career.

I’ve been bombarding my favourite colleagues since January – some have already sent me their posts! You are in for quite a treat.

I’m still waiting for a couple of replies to requests. Though, if I don’t hear back by the end of the week, I’m either asking someone else or just do it myself. We all know that in publishing no-answer-means-no (and I’m sure we’ve all read the book “He’s Just Not that Into You” at one time or another – or maybe watched the movie? – and just know that sometimes you shouldn’t push something ‘cause no answer was the kindest one).

So, how about you? Are you doing the A-Z Challenge this year? Are you prone to getting illnesses that aren’t common at your age? Are you going to write a short story for either of the anthology competitions I mentioned?

*Remember, I’m offline during March. So I’ll see you all on April 1st!

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