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Fog swept through the forest, tendrils clinging to leaves as snow formed on the ground.

Mer watched as the leaves of the trees of dryads and other nymphs crumpled to the ground in a shower of orange and brown.

It was time.

The snowy owls swooped through the light, taking it with them as the Ice Queen froze everything.

Even knowing that the true Queen of Winter, the Cailleach, wouldn’t allow all of them to perish, Mer shivered as cold and dark engulfed her tree.

Squirrels and Grogochs fled. Imps did their best to protect saplings. Yet ice crept in everywhere.

Once the ice Fae left, silence became loud.

Mer watched, waited for others to stir. One by one her friends showed signs of life.

For once, Winter wouldn’t start out harsh.

I used a couple of prompts from December’s #FlashFicHive tweets:

Something about this just had me writing…

I heard the Imperial March in my head as I wrote this. Though, I have no idea where that ending came from 😉

Did you enjoy this story? What did you think about the ending?

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