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It’s time for the last flash fiction piece of 2017. (Remember: I’m not online during the months of the Equinox or the Solstice – March & September, June & December.)

I’m using prompts from the fabulous #FlashFicHive Twitter game created by Anjela Curtis.

Maggie couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt like herself. Over the years her job had taken away pieces of her.

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It might sound odd, but I like listening to The All-American Rejects while drafting a new story. The energy of their music makes me want to write even on those blah-to-writing days. It was difficult to choose a song to inspire this story, but I finally did it.

The song wasn’t enough, though. So I made a mood/story board using writing prompts and images from Pinterest.

It was a lot of fun planning and writing this story. I hope you enjoyed it. Comments are always welcome.

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