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I’m doing #FlashFicHive again this month. Here’s the story for week 1.

The Blue Festival

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Sia jumped from the roof and ran down the alley. She didn’t need anyone to see – or know – where she was going.

For the most part the varsity kids she hung out with as a contemporary had no idea what kind of bargains they were entering. And even if they did figure it out, no-one cared. Having reckless fun before graduating to the real world was what they all desperately sought. If she helped her Court in the process…

She jumped over the hedge and entered the forest. No-one ever went there, not even the most foolish of mortals. After the deaths during the last festival…

Sia swallowed and moved silently through the trees. Dryads glared at her from their gathering beneath the elms; Pixies hissed at her as she ducked beneath their thorn tree; even the will-‘o-the-wisps scattered when she came close.

She ignored them all. She had an important task. Finally she made it to the clearing in the middle of the forest. She picked up a fallen leaf, pricked her finger and ripped the blood on it.

‘Blood of mine, summon those for who I pine.’

It didn’t take long for the clearing to be filled. Faeries of all colours, races and sizes appeared from the borough beneath.

‘You’re late.’

She glared at the man who probably inspired the modern portrayal of vampires as handsome creatures to be tamed.

‘I’ve done my part,’ she said, ignoring his accusation. She never had much patience for him or his posturing. ‘The Festival can go forward as planned.’

He raised an eyebrow in surprise.

‘You found…’

She held up a hand. ‘Just let them know, alright? I have to return before I’m missed.’


Just after sunrise on a Saturday morning Sia stood surrounded by intoxicated students. They were the ones who constantly stayed at parties long after it had ended. They were the mortals too reckless and foolish to know when to stop.

She watched as the sea of blue descended on them for the festival. Faeries from all over came: blue water Fae and blue veld Fae; even the blue muse Fae made an appearance.

Sia didn’t flinch when the mortals were led away to dance themselves to exhaustion during the revel before becoming the main course. She had one her part to keep her Court fed and safe for another year. She grabbed a passing Phouka and joined the revel.

Not bad for 402 words, huh?

So the challenge started with “Develop a story based on a movie character”. I had no idea where the story would be heading, so I created a character board and posted it on Twitter.

Though my character, Sia, didn’t turn out to be funny at all, she is confident and honest about who she is and her role in her society.

With everything going on, I didn’t really get to actually writing the story. So I had to skip day 3 (tweeting the best lines from the story to a hashtag like #ThrulineThurs and then retweeting it to #FlashFicHive).

I got back in the action with day 4’s task “Write lines using a colour as inspiration”.

But the story wasn’t done yet. So I couldn’t do task 5, sharing my story, or even task 6.

By the time day 7 rolled around, I was still a little stuck. Though, I did share a word for others to use as a prompt.

So that’s week one of the #FlashFicHive challenge. I used my own word to figure out how to get the story done… Expeditiously 😉

Expeditious adj characterised by or done with speed and efficiency; prompt; quick >expeditiously adv >expeditiousness n (Collins English Dictionary)

So that’s my flash fiction piece for the week. What do you think? Comments are always welcome. Remember to visit me over on Writer to Writers where I share platform building tips for the month of August. 

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