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I really like what I found during my research into Sirens, though I’ll share that with you on Thursday for our trip into the realm of the Fae.

So for week three of #FlashFicHive I decided to write an anti-hero. Maybe because I’ve been watching the season of Vampire Diaries filled with Sirens and Damon as we knew him from season one? *shrugs* Besides, day nineteen called for a MC who’s flawed/an anti-hero.

So here’s my story for week three (you can read the other one I wrote in July).

The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren

They were forever provocative and disturbing. Richelle looked away from the other Sirens dressing in glittering outfits, their hair already perfectly coiffed. She was shivering like she had the day of her own initiation.

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I know, right?

So how did I get there? First, I assembled this little gem from my Pinterest board Inspirational Pics for Writing.

Then I wrote a flash piece for Cracked Flash Fiction Competition, playing with ideas for a memorable character. You can read Siren Call here.

Then I played around with everything that can make this Siren even more different from others of her kind and how to make her an anti-hero. Which meant Meg had to become a secondary character and the MC’s redemption.

While trying to figure out how Sirens pick their targets, I heard this song and just knew how they did it.

So the MC is an anti-hero – she is a Siren who enjoys the drowning and eating of humans just as much as others of her kind. But you’ll like her: she saves people too. (She’s a lot like Damon: not all bad.)

The point? Sirens can be good but they can be really bad too.

Oh, as for the title: if you’re unfamiliar with the word fugly, it means extremely ugly (taken from f*%#ing and ugly). I know, I know: I watch too much American television.

What do you think of the story? Do you like the protagonist? I tried for a minimalist approach, though I’m worried that the second half of the story might be more telling than showing – what do you think?

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