I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Andrea Lundgren. Thanks, Andrea!

The rules are as follows:

Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award.
– Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.
– Nominate 11 people (comment on their blog to let them know).
– Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions

My Q&A with Andrea:

  1. What is your favorite book, or if you prefer, your favorite author?

Currently, “Brothers Grimm Folk Tales” is my favourite book.

  1. Is there a country you have always wanted to visit, and if so, where?

Scotland. Specifically, the Highlands and Islands filled with folklore and Fae magic.

  1. What do you enjoy about blogging, and how has your blog changed in unexpected ways since you started it?

I enjoy sharing the research I do on various folklore topics and to do posts about my writing journey. I never thought when I started blogging, that I’d do more than just weekly writerly posts.

  1. What is your favorite time period to read or write in, and why?

As a reader, I like historical novels (Medieval or Regency). As a writer, I like to write contemporary fantasy.

  1. What is your favorite time period to watch on film or television, and why?

I like explosions, superheroes and techy things when I watch TV – so that has to be as current as possible. For film, I like romantic comedies and dramas, so that can really be from any time period.

  1. How do you find inspiration?

When it doesn’t just cudgel me over the head? *grin* I go for long walks, play on Pinterest or read.

  1. What started you down the road of writing and blogging?

I’ve been writing stories since I was a tween (making up stories looong before that) so I don’t really know what got me on the road of being an author. But blogging? I read that writers should blog…

  1. How do you keep yourself motivated?

Oh, the usual: chocolates, flowers, promises I don’t intend to keep… No, wait: that’s from “Beauty and the Beast”. Still, it happens 😉

  1. What four people would you invite to a dinner party (contemporary, historical, or fictional)?

Elizabeth Bennett, Cate Blanchet, Albus Dumbledore, Emma Watson. (Now that can be fun…)

  1. What is your favorite kind of weather?

Depends on my mood. Some days I like stormy weather (even if that means I can’t work on my computer) and the rest of the time I’m content with the blazing sun we have around all year.

  1. If you could have any pet, real or fictional, what would it be?

A dragon. Specifically, the Dragon of the Caledonian Forest (my own creation) who hoards books…

My 11 nominees (in no particular order):

Carin @ Hersenskim 

Erika @ cloud nine girl 

Jacqui @ worddreams… 

Anne @ I think, I say, I do 

Theresa @ Lab Notes 

Louise @ Dragonspire UK 

Ben @ Just Punch the Clock 

Lydia @ Noveltea 

Kerry @ Allusionary Assembly 

Lindsay @ Lindsay Lovin’ Life 

Raven @ everywhere and nowhere 

Here are my 11 questions for them:

  1. Pantser or Planner: do you plan your projects or do you just go by ear?
  2. Red or Green: in new situations do you jump in all fired up or do you watch and listen?
  3. Short Stories or Novels: which do you write and why?
  4. To NaNoWriMo or not to NaNoWriMo: will you write a complete first draft this November or not? Explain.
  5. Give away your writing for free: do you publish short stories about your novels on writing platforms like Wattpad to generate more readers? Whether you do or don’t, explain your reasoning.
  6. Writing competitions: do you enter them or do you shun them? Why?
  7. Social Media: Google+ or Twitter? Which one do you prefer and why?
  8. Slow blogging (once or twice a week) or daily blogging: which one appeals to you most and why?
  9. Fantasy (and other genres like it) or Realism: write it, read it and what appeals to you in it?
  10. If you could only eat one type of food for every meal forever, what would it be and why?
  11. Oliver Queen from Smallville (first guy in green below) or Oliver Queen from Arrow (second guy in green below): who would you rather have guarding your city? Why?

I can’t wait to read everyone’s answers!

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