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This was my entry for Microcosms Fiction on the 13th of January.

The prompt was:

Character: songwriter/ Setting: village/ Genre: aga saga

Beautiful Disaster

Ronel Janse van Vuuren

The music flowed through me, making me want to grab the nearest musical instrument and start playing. Or perhaps sing. Though the last usually got me chased from the village by young mothers.

Yeah, having dogs howl and children cry when one sings wasn’t great when one was a songwriter.

Searching, my eyes fell on the piano in the pub.

My fingers flew across the keys, the song taking shape, my heart soaring.

‘Enough, Jack! It’s time to mop the floors,’ my father said and handed me the mop and bucket.

Reluctantly, I took the tools of my day-job as several early-morning patrons sniggered into their cups.

I’ll show them, I thought as I mopped the old wood floor feverishly, the song in my head still strong.

Soapy water flew everywhere as I tripped over the bucket, my mind at the chorus of my creation.

Cheers rang out.

‘It’s okay, son,’ my uncle said, glaring at the patrons as he came through the door. ‘One day you’ll get the hang of it.’

Chagrin colouring my cheeks, I knew he was right: one day I would be an awesome songwriter. Or run the family pub…

I honestly had no idea what this aga saga thing was. So I Googled it. This is what Wikipedia had to say:

The Aga saga is a subgenre of the family saga of literature. The genre is named for the AGA cooker, a type of stored-heat oven that came to be popular in medium to large country houses in the UK after its introduction in 1929. It refers primarily to fictional family sagas dealing with British “middle-class country or village life”.[1] The nickname “Aga saga” is sometimes used condescendingly about this type of fiction.[2] The term was incorporated into the Oxford Companion to English Literature in 2000.


I think I did it okay. The judge’s favourite line was: Or perhaps sing. Though the last usually got me chased from the village by young mothers.

I listened to Kelly Clarkson’s Beautiful Disaster while writing this, thinking how that could be this songwriter.

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What do you think? I have no idea if this was really an aga saga… At least I had fun with it 😉