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This was my entry for the first Cracked Flash Fiction Competition of 2017 on 8 January. The prompt was: ‘You’re one of them now,’ she whispered.


Grey Shades

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


‘You’re one of them now,’ she whispered.

Chills swept over me as I watched the trio grinning in our direction. I didn’t want to believe it. Yet… Closing my eyes, I could still see everything around me, albeit in shades of grey.

‘What are you going to do?’ Alyssa asked, worry shining from her eyes.

Grinding my teeth, I looked at the terrified faces of the villagers. I didn’t want to leave my home. But seeing even the bully of the place quivering under my gaze…

‘I’m accepting my destiny.’ I hugged my sister and stepped over to the strangers that had come to our village at midnight.

The trio of witches smiled and produced a cloak in various shades of purple – the same as theirs, yet very different.

‘Welcome, Sister,’ they said in unison as they draped it over me.

Accepting the warmth it offered, I waved goodbye to my sister and walked into the mist with my new sisters.

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What did you think? I wrote it early Sunday morning before I had my coffee – suddenly remembering I hadn’t entered CFFC yet had driven me from the warm comfort of my bed on a drizzling, cold summer morning.

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