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This is my entry for the first Microcosms Fiction competition of the year on 6 January. The prompt was about New Year’s Resolutions: Character: Online Dater/ Resolution: Lose Weight/ Genre: Romance.

Ephemeral Resolutions

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


Michelle watched her reflection. This was the year that she was going to get married: online dating will work this time around. She just needed to lose a little weight. Or perhaps a lot.

She grimaced at the muffin top peeking out over her jeans. The Festive Season hadn’t done her any favours.

Her laptop dinged. A guy – too good-looking to be real – wanted to meet for coffee.

Today?’ she gasped.

Michelle turned back to the mirror. Gulping, she stared at her too large stomach, her too flabby arms and the wrinkles forming around her eyes from all the glaring.

Shaking her head furiously, she turned back to her laptop. Mr Gorgeous had been flirting for a while now. And asking her out on dates. Maybe…

The automatic doors closed with a loud swoosh behind her. Pulling at the hem of her tunic-style blouse, she made her way to where booths lined the wall.

‘I’m glad you could make it.’

She nearly passed out. Mr Gorgeous looked just like his profile picture.

‘I’ve been trying to meet up with you again since we met at Stephanie’s wedding…’

‘Wait? What?’

She didn’t have many memories of her best friend’s wedding – falling off those ridiculous shoes she had to wear really did a number on her.

‘Yeah, finally I decided to just go where I know I’ll find you: online.’

Michelle blushed. Memories of him finally waved at her from where she’d pulled a veil over them. She’d tripped when she saw him at Stephanie’s wedding and had dived head-first into the fountain.

‘Perhaps we should sit? I’ve heard a lot about you. Good things!’ he added when she stayed standing.

Nodding, she sat down.

The waitress immediately materialised.

‘Cheesecake for me. Michelle?’

Grinning, she ordered one too.

I always find New Year’s Resolutions ridiculous – especially when it’s the same resolution year after year. What’s wrong with deciding on a goal in June? Anyhow, I’d read this awesome chicklit story years ago that stayed with me: instead of the heroine changing to become this perfect vision of a woman, the hero liked her just the way she was, muffin top and all 😉

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What do you think of this story? I tried for funny: did it make you laugh (or at least grin)?

This story won Honourable Mention and the judge’s favourite line was: Memories of him finally waved at her from where she’d pulled a veil over them.

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