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This is my entry for the last competitive Microcosms Fiction competition of the year on 16 December. The prompt was: Character: Terrorist/ Setting: Satellite/ Genre: Sci-Fi.


By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


Echoes of shots fired died as new stars came into view. Erica’s heartbeat steadied and she finished climbing to the top of the receiver. This was it.

With the narrowing of the tower, she placed new blast-caps and activated them. Her breath came slowly as she climbed the last piece – the place where spikes jutted out invisibly to protect the receiver.

The last bio-bomb was in place and she let go, floating off into space.

Erica watched as the satellite realigned with the planet below, ready to receive the damaging data and send it off to her home planet.

She couldn’t let that happen. Once her people knew what this orb held… No. They might brand her a terrorist, and perhaps she was, but saving the inhabitants of this pure planet was more important than going home.

The trigger disintegrated in her hand after she pressed it. Her breath caught in her throat. The satellite collapsed into itself; a soft boom like the birth of a black hole deafened her and all trace of her people in the unexplored galaxy disappeared.

So did she.


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What did you think? Bio-bombs, locust-like aliens, satellites being blown up – doesn’t that just make for great Sci-Fi? Anyhow, I thought about all the Sci-Fi stories I’ve watched and read while listening to OneRepublic’s “Dreaming Out Loud” album and this story came to mind. I hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, this story won Honourable Mention and the judge’s favourite line: “a soft boom like the birth of a black hole”.

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