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I’m judging Cracked Flash Fiction Competition this week which means that I cannot compete, but I just love the prompt I chose. It took us three days before we started seeing shapes in the fog. So I decided to quickly write what came to mind when I read the prompt for the first time.



The Fog

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


It took us three days before we started seeing shapes in the fog. Though I could feel the others tethered to me with magic, I couldn’t see them; even my own hands were a blurry mess – my eyes weren’t helping me at all.

The fog had descended on us the moment we exchanged forest for moor, and hadn’t left us since. I knew it wasn’t natural: I could feel the magic it was made of.

‘Look! It’s Gladys,’ Emile said, his voice a little strained.

I turned to him, but still couldn’t see him. How could he see facial features at all? Trying as hard as I could, I barely make out human-like forms in the shapes before us.

‘No, it’s Frieda,’ Jack argued.

Cold swept over me. The damp that had been ever-present since the day the fog took us, had been warm compared to this.

‘Come now, keep walking!’

But I couldn’t. Realisation had hit me too late. My heart nearly stopped beating. Using my magic, I turned us around; everyone screaming in protest.


They had no choice but to obey my magical command.

And the Nightmares pursued us.


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So, what do you think? I rather like the Dark Fantasy genre. And having the characters accidentally cross over to another realm when they left the forest was a lot of fun. Anything you’d change or add? Comments are always welcome.

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