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This is my entry for Cracked Flash Fiction Competition on 29 October with the prompt: ‘She watched the moon from the cracks in the wall.’

Moon Dance

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


She watched the moon from the cracks in the wall. Purple and blue light flickered across the silver orb. Almost like someone was dancing.

The lights slowed down to a slow waltz. They were mesmerising to watch. They stopped completely and she thought that the dance was over. Suddenly, they picked up the pace and twirled all over the surface of the silver orb.

Faster and faster the lights spun. Her heart quickened. The music changed and the blue and purple dancers broke apart to dance on their own, never slowing down.

Suddenly it stopped. The lights disappeared and only the silver orb was left. She backed away from the wall. It felt like she’d witnessed something private.

The light of the moon caressed her hand one last time before she stepped out of its reach completely. She felt the cold racing through her blood as she left the source of her magic.

She turned back to the darkness of her stone dungeon. She hoped that when the full moon came again, someone hadn’t cemented closed the cracks in the wall.


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What do you think? I listened to Nightwish’s Moondance while writing this. I think this character should be rescued with a longer story explaining why she’s locked in a dungeon – and perhaps how she’ll escape 😉

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