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It’s still early days, but I thought an update of how my NaNoWriMo project is going, to be fitting.

Let’s start with the word count for this week:

Day 1: 18 803

Day 2: 3 002

Day 3: 5 018

Day 4: 5 454

Day 5: 500

Day 6 (thus far): 182


I didn’t update my word count on the NaNoWriMo site regularly, mostly because I wrote by hand and had to type it all up later. I also lost momentum after day one. Perhaps because the motivation to beat another region at word count wasn’t there. (JoziWrimos did beat the Capetonians!) Or because my hands really ached (have to hate carpal tunnel).

Maybe my concentration wasn’t there because the flash floods – with scary lightning and winds strong enough to uproot trees and break branches – had me cowering in a dark corner. (Yeah, I really don’t like lightning. At least the lawn’s green 😉 )

Actually paying attention to my blog also had me off on a Dory-esque adventure.


Not that I’m complaining: I actually enjoy blogging and all it entails. I just had to unplug to get to the writing bit.

My Twitter group had been amazing this week. We did sprints (though I couldn’t always join online due to my wandering nature), shared our fears and encouraged each other despite our time zone differences.

Yeah, yesterday’s word count is abysmal. Mostly because I had to go buy groceries (the cupboards and the fridge were empty) and I got this weird stomach-flu-thing… Probably could’ve skipped buying food at all.

I think I’m doing a lot better – word count wise – than last year this time despite my little problems. (Day 6 2015: 25 114 words. Day 6 2016: 32 961 words.)

Though I found that I wrote the same scene with Death twice (probably all that caffeine zinging through my veins making me forgetful) it isn’t a train wreck: when I revise I’ll merge them and have one amazing scene. (I’ll just start checking my bullet points to make sure I ticked off the stuff I’ve already written.)

I am done with the Kishi adventure at the beginning of the novel. That’s something.

Everything else jumps from scene to scene as I’m inspired – nothing to be alarmed about, though, I always write first drafts like that. I tell myself the story, going off on tangents that interest me before getting back to the main plot. It works. It turns into a beautiful tapestry once it’s done.

I’m off to try and catch up on my word count goals for the weekend.

kermit typing

How about you: what was this week’s writing like? How do you write first drafts? Did the weather freak you out as much as it did me? Did you lock up the Inner Editor and all those negative voices in a dungeon?

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