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This was my entry for Cracked Flash Fiction Competition on the 22nd of October. I was working on scary stories (yeah, even a contemporary romance can be scary  😉  ) and this just sort of came out as I wrote. The ending surprised me, so that’s good.


Blue Light

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


Bulbs of light hung from every tree branch, illuminating the dark forest. It was absolutely beautiful. The evening felt less lonely with the lights there.

Looking closer, I could see that the bulbs were in fact faeries. Not like Tinkerbell, though. They were humanoid in form, but were pure white with cobalt eyes. White-blue light radiated from them. Their sharp claws and teeth gleamed in the glow.

I watched them, smiling contently. They smiled back.

“Perhaps the forest isn’t so scary after all,” I said to them and they made crooning noises in response.

Laying back against the mossy base of a tree, I started to drift off to sleep.

Pain shot through me as they tore into my flesh with their claws and teeth. Exhaustion tried to pull me under. Agony kept me immobile.

“Sleep. Ye-ss.”

My eyes closed and I was no more.


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So perhaps I was freaking out a bit more about the award ceremony that night than I’d originally thought. Though that worked out a lot better than things did for the character in this story… No idea what these Faeries are, though. Perhaps twisted versions of will-‘o-the-wisp? Mm… What do you think? Did you like the story?