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I’ve been reading a couple of writing prompts for fun. Write – in first person – of how you made a mistake.

I thought this could be fun to write as realism fiction. A few things influenced how I came up with the premise: a slippery stone floor of a restaurant I’d recently checked out as a function venue; reading and writing chick-lit; images of gorgeous shoes sent to me because summer’s almost here; people braaiing because it’s finally warm enough, while I feel a little left out being Vegetarian and all; and something someone said about dressing right for an occasion. Also, I’d been looking at old photos. A few years ago, I had purple streaks in my hair…



By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


I met up with ‘friends’ I hadn’t seen in years. It wasn’t by choice, though. My best friend was getting married and, being the social butterfly she is, she’d kept in touch with everyone. Turning my back on meat and drunken braais hadn’t been taken well by any of them, so we’d drifted apart.

I could sense the tension as I walked into the restaurant. I kept my smile firmly in place, ignoring the stares: I knew the purple streaks in my hair and black outfit looked amazing, even if it was rather unexpected.

‘Look what the cat dragged in,’ an unrecognisable blonde said.

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