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There was a writing prompt at the end of August on Wattpad to write a fantasy story about the Olympics.

I didn’t compete, though. I had too much to do and felt slightly overwhelmed, so I skipped this competition.

But just for the fun of it, here’s a flash fiction piece of what I could’ve written if I had the time.

Griffins for the Win

By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


The crowd was cheering. Everyone was dressed in their team’s colours. Giant dragonflies, painted in the different team’s colours, stood ready to mark their team’s place in the tournament.

The hippogriffs were snorting, throwing their beaked heads proudly in the air. The yetis growled; everyone covered their ears. Various magical creatures representing their territories were gathered. Even the griffins who distained this sort of competition and rarely gave their best.

Though, there was something different about the griffin pair competing this year. They looked… excited.

Their supporters, dressed in gold and brown, cheered wildly. And they were chanting something: ‘Griffins for the win! Griffins for the win!’

The griffins raised a paw each and waved at the crowd.

A hinkypunk fell over in shock. His lamp fell on a yeti and set it on fire. Howling in pain, the yeti stepped on an aswang. The aswang’s tongue flicked out and licked the chimera next to her. The chimera’s multiple eyes flipped back in its three heads and it fell down on the hippogriffs.

Chaos reigned as the crowd loudly protested and medical teams raced onto the field.

The griffins shrugged and stood back so order could be established and the injured creatures tended to.

Yes, this tournament was going to be different and exciting.

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So, I watched various versions of tournaments similar to the Olympics and came up with this. I’m not really sure where it fits into the grand scheme of things (a lot like my Dragon Flight story), but it was a lot of fun to write. What do you think of it?

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