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It might be a bit of wishful thinking, but here’s something new for you to read. It works nicely with the rain we’re having this morning.


By Ronel Janse van Vuuren


Papers crinkle like thunder. Maybe I’m just too sensitive while I’m waiting on a response. After all, this could be the start of something new for my career. Or not.

I swallow heavily in the silence. I refuse to give in to the demands of my ant-filled legs and pace the room. More paper-thunder makes me grind my teeth.

The reader lifts her eyebrows in surprise as her eyes fly over the pages. My heart beats faster, ever faster, as the paper-thunder gets louder and the pages of the manuscript become fewer.

Wooshing wind joins the storm in the office; I realise that it’s me: I’m hyperventilating. The storm suddenly stops. The reader looks at me approvingly. Or maybe I’m hallucinating from all the excess oxygen I’d gulped in? No; she’s nodding too. And smiling.

‘Is there more?’ she asks curiously. ‘We could do with a new series.’

I almost faint – that’s what happens when you hold your breath for too long – and nod eagerly. Her smile is as blinding as lightening. My future too.



Isn’t wishful thinking a fun thing to run with? Did you like this? Any suggestions on making it better – or is it perfect the way it is? Was the storm analogy too much? Do you like my new monthly post of realism fiction?