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I had this idea percolating in my mind for a while. I had no idea how I was going to write it. Mainly because it’s mostly disjointed stories that make up a whole. I knew I wanted to use really dark Fae for this. And I knew I wanted to try my hand at dark fantasy. Everything else just happened. Including writing in the first person narrative.

intro scroll

Stories on Scrolls. *Something about this title gives me chills.*

All the characters in my first story in this series are men. Even the MC. I don’t even know how it happened. At least I know what they looked like. In the intro the MC is a woman. And in the second story we meet the first story’s MC’s lady love.

Commander of Paladins: Idris Elba


Paladin: Chris Hemsworth

Necromancer: Naveen Andrews


Noble-Merchant: Stellan Skarsgård

Hunter: Nina Dobrev [All Hunters are called Hunters – there’s no feminine form]

Lady Edith: Georgia King [Edith comes from “wealth” and “war” and was popular among royalty Anglo-Saxon]

Councilman: Christian Bale


Possessed Paladin: Colton Haynes


Young Paladin: Dylan O’Brien

Manservant: Echo Kellum

And yes, I know that finding some of them in similar roles may have influenced me…

It just happened. And I think it worked out well. This first story even had a sequel ready before it was edited.

Though I think the opening to this entire series is the most important.

Introduction to the Stories on Scrolls

Magic had been outlawed centuries ago. Yet it is part of the very fabric of the world. Only a select few know how to access it. Everyone else fears it. And so magic and its users have been hunted. Hunters have become the new protectors of the people. All mention of magic’s existence had been scrubbed from the history books.

But magic refuses to be silenced. Every now and then something surfaces to shed light on its existence.

And Hunters are sent to destroy it.

A chest was found in the darkest corner of the subbasement, beneath the dungeons, of the oldest castle in existence. A castle that was rumoured to have been built by Witches… The chest was sealed by magic.

We searched and found volunteers to help open it.

After many magicians and others that wield magic had tried to open the chest and failed, a Remarkably Ungifted One had opened the chest without effort. Inside the chest were pristine scrolls. They had to have been centuries old, yet they were as perfect as the day they had been placed in the chest.

Each scroll held parts of history that had been forgotten. The parts of history that had been erased from the history books. Parts of history that proves that one shouldn’t ignore something just because you don’t like it.

I’m hiding out in a castle ruin, reading through these scrolls and wondering whether I should be as proud as I am to be a Hunter. Especially after the chest had released a curse that killed everyone else present. Except for the Remarkably Ungifted One and myself. She fled, probably going underground never to return.

I’m not sure what to do but ponder my situation. Do I return to the life of a Hunter after having read these scrolls? Can I forget what I’ve read? Or do I use my new knowledge to save those I’ve hunted before? Is magic neither good nor bad – only the person using it? And why was I unaffected by the curse?

Perhaps the answer lies in the scrolls…

Here follow the translated versions of the Stories on Scrolls.


I have to admit that I have no idea who this Hunter is. The character still has to be fleshed out. I think the Hunter’s a woman… (That’s why I casted Nina Dobrev as the Hunter 😉 of course.)

This is so exciting. Writing stories for Wattpad has turned out to be a lot of fun. And I get to write without really thinking it through – it’s the fun part of just starting a novel. I do realise that at some point I’m going to fall into a plot abyss, but that’s a problem once I get there. Until then, I’ll write my Wattpad stories (Tales of the Onyx Labyrinth, Stories on Scrolls, and The Adventures of Saphira the Faery Dog) for fun and do all the really hard, and sometimes harsh, writing on my novels that have gone from being fun to being work to get it just right. Besides, the series I’m writing is all about character development, writing in unfamiliar ways, and learning how Faery Creatures really act before using them in a novel setting.

I’m really excited.

The synopsis of this series goes like this:

A Hunter of magic survives a curse from an old chest filled with a secret history. Each scroll tells the story of good vs bad, yet the magic therein goes against everything the Hunter was taught to believe. Each scroll reveals horrible magical creatures and users that reinforces her belief that magic is malevolent. Even though the main character of each story shows that the opposite is true…

In the end she has to choose her own destiny – to only fight the bad guys or to still believe that all magic is evil.

Chills, right?

Thus far I’ve published two stories in the Stories on Scrolls series.

Day of Black Sun has a solar eclipse at its core. This also won the Wattpad Fantasy Community competition I entered it into!

Chasing the Nightmare Steed has a scary Faery as the main antagonist.

Go read ‘em and tell me what you think. (BTW it’s free to join Wattpad and you get to read all the amazing stories that’s published there.)

stories on scrolls cover

“Absolutely no one can underestimate the power of the mind and its role in success! It is imperative to keep our minds on the right track if we are to achieve balanced successes in our careers, finances, health, emotions, relationships and spiritual lives.” – Anonymous

Your thoughts? Did you enjoy this series thus far? What did you think of the intro? Do you know whether the Hunter is male or female? Reasons? How’s your writing going?

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