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Two weeks ago, I complained that life isn’t nearly as exciting as an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. How I regret those words… Let’s just say that I should own shares in the local hospital with all my friends and family who end up there. Between people having blinding migraines, chopping veggies gone wrong and dead faints so bad no-one could find a pulse… This writer’s life is definitely not boring.

So, I’m done complaining about things (even jokingly). I’m being pro-active. I may have sulked a little (a lot!) because Woes closed its doors, but I’m so over that. I’m having tea parties and brainstorming ideas.

pink cupcake

I found writing.com and posted one of my short stories there (even got four and a bit stars out of five – so I was right about that story being good) and I joined Wattpad last night.

On Twitter I found this hashtag where people can share folklore stories every Thursday (#FolkloreThursday). Some people share pictures, others snippets of lore and some even add links to their blogs and own stories featuring folklore or just a touch of magic. Of course, this gave me a light-bulb-moment: I can write various short stories featuring the folklore I use in my novels, publish it on Wattpad (or writing.com) and add the link to a blogpost one Thursday a month which also explains a bit about the background of the folklore used in the story.

This way I can share my writing, interact with readers and make sure that a lot of eyes see the stories on various social media platforms.

Of course, there is the question of what to do with the stories that I’d posted on Woes the last six months or so. I’m thinking of rewriting The Adventures of Saphira the Faery Dog and then posting them (in Afrikaans and in English) on my blog, writing.com and Wattpad as I see fit. I’m not too sure about the other stories I wrote, but I’m sure that in time I’ll figure it out. Perhaps add a bit of colourful frosting and glitter to make them more appealing…

Well, I’m off to research tunnels and labyrinths in folklore and myth. (I had a dream about Faeries living in tunnels under my house…)

“The reality of the creative process is that it often requires persistence, the ability to stare at a problem until it makes sense… The answer won’t arrive suddenly, in a flash of insight. Instead, it will be revealed slowly, gradually emerging after great effect.” – Jonah Lehrer

Fellow scriveners: where are you posting your work for your adoring fans to read? How’s that working for you?

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