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While waiting in a coffee shop at the hospital for a loved one to be discharged, I moped over a smoothie that life wasn’t nearly as exciting as an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Then I had an aha moment about my work: something that had bothered me about one of my male leads had become clear… I thought he was in love with one twin, but he only liked her – he was in love with the other twin…

I think I was even more freaked out than the other patrons when I squeaked when I realised this. (And this is what happens when you drink coffee smoothies while having a headache waiting in a hospital coffee shop.)

I probably needed the change of scenery. And people watching is so much fun.

I just hope that with all the coughing and other gross stuff around me I didn’t get sick… Being ill in the summer totally sucks.


Argh! I hope that was a hay fever sneeze.


Check out Martha Alderson’s post about The Lonely Writer – she tells you exactly how to get out of that state of mind by simply pre-plotting, re-plotting and final draft plotting.

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How about you fellow scriveners: have you had moments of clarity just by getting away from your usual writing spot?

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