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I came across this post on Chuck Sambuchino’s blog and thought this is quite interesting to all writers.

We should all have thick skins to get through rejections, critiques and whatever our inner critics throw at us without falling to pieces.

And how do we get thick, endangered species rhino skins to protect the fragile writer within?

We write. And we remember why we enjoy writing. But most importantly, we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones.

As I did earlier this year.

For the entirety of winter, I said yes to every writing challenge I came across.

Competitions, starting a blog, tweeting – you name it.

I blog, tweet (@miladyronel) and write on WOES [A place to write in Afrikaans and connect with other writers.]. I also had a lot of fun taking part in NaNoWriMo this past November.

And it was quite liberating while challenging me to let go of my apprehension regarding the web.

Not only have I met a lot of interesting people from around the globe, I’ve also pushed myself to write in genres I’ve ignored in the past.

All of this has made me a better writer.

Thanks for being a part of that.

Fellow scriveners: have you ever said yes to challenges you’ve normally ignored? What was the result thereof?