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Being so close to the end of NaNoWriMo means being slightly addicted to coffee and looking crazed to people outside of one’s fictional world. Especially if one is heading to a double NaNoWriMo…


I read this post by Martha Alderson this morning and found it quite insightful. Until then, I hadn’t realised that my story was riddled with shadow obstacles that drove my main character in ways that defined her. Now that I’m more aware, I’m able to use these shadows to help drive my plot forward.

I’m going to finish my novel for November today – less than 20k left to get to a double NaNoWriMo, though I’m sure that there are a lot more words than that needed to get to the end of the story. Of course, once the editor is released and rewriting begins a lot of those pretty paragraphs are likely to get cut…

How about you fellow scriveners: any new insights into your writing?

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