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NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!

I’m so excited to do this challenge.


Shakespeare quote a midsummer night's dream


I’ve done all the prep work for this month of writing. I’ve filled pages and pages with the world, plot and characters for this novel. I know all the characters like old friends – which means they’ll still surprise me. How exciting!

I’ve written all my blog posts for November so I can concentrate solely on my novel: Ray of Night.

Ray of Night bookcover

Synopsis of “Ray of Night” by Ronel Janse van Vuuren.

Lucienne (a twenty-year-old marketing student) moves in with her new housemates. She doesn’t know any of them, but they don’t know each other either. Their only commonality is that they all attend UJ.

Lucienne gets an assignment to test dating apps. Her housemates have to help her – she hadn’t pursued dating in quite a while.

Lucienne is half-Fae. Though she desperately tries to hide it. But one of the apps is clouded in dark magic. She has to figure out who did it and why – it could destroy the Earth.

Though she is interested, romantically, in one of her housemates (interest is returned) Derek is only human. He cannot help her. Besides, she is loath to share her secret. A faery from her mother’s Court (a man who’d been watching her on campus, laughing because he knows who and what she is) agrees to help her. Sean understands what is at stake. Together they unravel the plot to destroy Faerie and the human world.

The leader of the bad guys is someone close to them (yet to be determined). This antagonist is also taken care of.

Lucienne has to decide between Derek and Sean. Human or Fae?

Though Derek is absolutely dreamy, Sean is the one who makes her feel alive.


This is more like a basic outline, really. It needs a lot more detail and plot points to actually be considered a synopsis.  I’ll probably have to rewrite this once I’ve finished the novel. Though I may plan what should happen, sometimes my characters take me on unexpected journeys to get to the planned plot points.

Again, I’m so excited to emerge myself in this new version of an old friend (same Faerie, new story).

At midnight tonight, I can start writing dangerously…


Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom. – Euripides


So what’s your writing plans for November? Or are you in a writing funk?

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