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Emmett loves to dig...

Emmett loves to dig…

I should probably ban my Rottweilers from my study. Yet that would be unfair to Emmett who has better manners than the twins.

Callum and Antonio started off the week by upending one of the newly re-potted orchids and burying the plant among the other flowering plants in the garden. It was a bit like a treasure hunt to find the missing orchid.

So cute, burying one flower among others.

The next day, they opened my closet and stole thick winter socks and buried it – yes, you guessed it – among the flowers. The cuteness was wearing thin – one of the pairs of socks was ruined unless I planned on ventilation holes.

Wednesday I made a wonderful salad that could serve as a meal on its own. I added everything I could find in the fridge and cupboards. All three my boys were in the kitchen with me unless they ran out sporadically to chase away the hadedas.

A hadeda.

I thought they’d gotten over their spring madness. (That’s what I’ve decided to call this new phase they’re going through.) But when I got to my study – a room that I’ve properly cleaned and organised only a few weeks ago – it looked like a hurricane or some other disaster unknown to these parts had gone through it.

I knew, of course, that the Rottweilers were to blame. I’d like to believe that Emmett wasn’t part of this, mainly because havoc isn’t his style. But I was seeing red – and not just because my bottle brushes are in full bloom. For hours I went through everything, hoping that nothing was missing. I didn’t even want to start imagining the impacted bowels, possible bezoars and constipation if they ate my notes and pens.

Thankfully, it was all there.

Still, I had another problem. Obviously something had gotten into them and they can no longer be trusted to play unsupervised. This meant that I couldn’t write or cook without this gnawing feeling that disaster was going to strike.

Even keeping a hawk’s eye on them couldn’t keep them from being wild.

Thursday, Callum somehow made a deep gash in his leg while the three of them were playing outside. And the monster won’t keep his wound dressings on – he licks it off and bandages lie like white, stringy spaghetti on the greenish grass. I have to get it before Antonio decides to eat it…

And no, Friday wasn’t any better. The twins stole one of my whiteboard markers and chewed it until all the ink was drained onto the grass. Thankfully I only buy the non-toxic stuff.

Oh, did I mention that I’d dewormed them on Wednesday? It didn’t change their behaviour at all.

Call me crazy, but I’m starting to miss the rat infestation of winter. At least then they used all of their energy to make rat-fur-coats.

Maybe I should teach them to swim? Like that won’t be a whole new headache…

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather

Anyone else with kids / pets acting weird with the seasonal change? I really hope as it gets warmer they’ll start behaving properly again…

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