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I read the other day that most writers aim for between a thousand and three thousand words a day.

daily word count goals productivity

And normally I would’ve agreed that it was a great goal for writing.

 These days though, I’m all about diversity.

 Which translates to writing the outline (around a thousand words or more if it includes plotting and background – something no-one else ever reads) for whatever short story project I’m busy with. Then I’d finish another story I’m busy with (of course later that one will be read with fresh eyes and probably be rewritten).

Usually lunch will now happen. Then I’ll go back to a favourite project of mine: writing about Saphira. Whether this will be a new writing project or finishing one, doesn’t really matter. After being lost for hours, I’ll then feed the chickens.

Then, with tired eyes and a very no-nonsense attitude, I’ll read whatever dreck I’ve written that day and viciously tear it apart. Or, scarily enough, be happy with it. Dinner is my reward.

The few hours before bedtime, I’ll write whatever makes me happy. Whatever is whirling in my head and just needs to get out. (Sometimes I’m distracted in the day and will do it whenever I have to. Or I’ll do a bit of yoga to get myself focused again.)

And let’s not forget the social media demands… If I don’t set a timer, I can get lost in the black hole that is the internet for hours. And I’m not sure if all the words written there should count towards my daily word count goals…

So my goals are somewhat different from these established writers. My whole day revolves around writing and rewriting and editing and proofreading. Every day. Most days I write an average of five thousand words. In an average month, I’ll write, rewrite and complete a children’s novel (about twelve thousand words), rewrite two chapters of my teen novel, and finish ten short stories and a few poems (though that is just for the hell of it). I’m more productive now that I’m more diverse than when I concentrated on one thing at a time.

Writing, no matter what.

Writing, no matter what.

 High five for multitasking. And a fist bump for being awesome.

 Seems having a bit of ADHD doesn’t just suit demi-gods…

Percy, Annabeth and other demi-gods from Rick Riordan's series.

Percy, Annabeth and other demi-gods from Rick Riordan’s series.

 There are several articles online trying to pinpoint how daily word count goals, productivity and success really works.

Check out these articles to see the daily word counts of a couple of authors and see (for fun) who you beat with quantity (if not quality).

The daily word counts of 39 famous authors.

On Writing: the daily word counts of famous authors.

And even if taking time off to recharge happens, it doesn’t mean that my approach isn’t working: check out my rewards for being great.

So, what are your daily word count goals? Do you have daily word count goals or do you just aim to be productive?

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