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The secret to success is NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK.

I cannot stress it enough. Yet somehow I had to read that again in my favourite magazine for it to click inside my Rottweiler-and-Faerie-obsessed brain.

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So this year I’m writing in Afrikaans again (after a very long absence) and publishing my stuff weekly on woes.co.za  . The exposure should be good. After only a few hours as a member, my poems were accepted into an anthology for CANSA. (See Accolades page.) I did have to make them more hopeful (mine were full of pain and death – I’m good at writing dark stuff).

I’m also doing this blog. And I’m on Twitter (@miladyronel). A big step for someone who actually likes being un-google-able.

And let’s not forget the short stories I’m writing for different competitions. I must admit though that it’s a lot different and challenging in ways that I haven’t imagined. I thought that writing a funny young reader (yes, I did say funny) for a novel competition was hard. I’m more of a writer for young adults (in a dark humour way – unintentionally, of course). Writing sixty thousand words? Easy. Writing twelve thousand words? Only the short, snappy dialogue presents a challenge (and being funny). Writing something under two and a half thousand words? In a word: agony. Even in High School keeping to the five hundred word limit was challenging.

But fitting a whole story into so few words… It’s a challenge I’m finding a bit hard. But practise makes perfect.

*Update August 2017:

Networking in Afrikaans has paid off in ways I never imagined, like winning an award for my writing, getting published in an anthology and much more.

As for fitting a whole story into a few words… I’ve won several short story and flash fiction competitions (see Accolades page) and I’m even a judge for Cracked Flash Fiction Competition.

My social media skills have developed so much, that I’m actually running a challenge for authors to increase their online presence over on Writer to Writers. Check out the Basics of Author Online Presence Challenge to up your game.*

Are you networking? Where are you finding your readers?

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