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I’ve decided to enter a few writing competitions this year.

So using the awesomeness of search engines, I found quite a few. The only problem with some – especially the ones outside of South Africa – are how expensive they are. You may snort with derision, but a few Pounds and Dollars convert to a lot of Rands.

converting currency is scary

It’s scary when you convert foreign currency – a simple short story competition entrance fee can suddenly buy a decent winter coat. I don’t know anyone who would throw money away like that. Sure, the prestige of being published when you win isn’t something to scorn at. But what if you don’t win? It’s not like there’s a refund policy.

Thankfully there are a few (reasonably priced) local writing competitions. So, they don’t have the kind of prestige most of the big writing magazines overseas have, but at least they don’t cost a spa-day. Most are the price of a magazine. And you can send as many entries as you want. Some even have great prizes as incentive (like a cappuccino maker…) And you’ll get published if you win.

For someone just starting out with this whole writing-short-stories-thing it’s a better choice.

So, dusting off the old guide to short story writing and flexing my fingers I’m off to write a few wonders (possibly themed) to send out into the world. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have a new cappuccino maker next winter…

Do you write short stories? Do you enter them into competitions? How do you feel about entry fees?