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I got great advice. I think. In order to get published, I have to get noticed first.

Okay. Social media? Self-publishing? Who knows? So after watching Privileged, I actually learned something: to be famous you have to create a brand. (The twins therein wanted to be famous. Who knows why and what for, but they wanted to be famous and got a manager.)

create a brand

That got me to thinking: what is my brand?

Seriously, I’ve never thought of writing as having to sell anything. I always thought about writing as just, well, writing. Doing what I love. Being (possibly) awesome at what I love doing. But apparently that just isn’t good enough anymore. If you want to get published, you have to get noticed. Especially when you live in a country without literary agents…

The point, you ask? The world needs my novel. All my novels. And my short stories. And possibly my poems as well. (Obviously my writer’s ego is quite healthy…)

My brand (da-ta-ra-dum) : writing about Faeries and Rottweilers.

I’ve already turned Rottweilers into Faery Dogs (Cù Sìth – pronounced ‘coo shee’). Writing about them and other Faeries fuel my writing. Most all of my novels (all still unpublished to date) have at least one Faery Dog in it. And yes, I mostly write for children and Young Adults.

I’m going to make my blog posts all about my journey as a South African writer. Perhaps it could be informative or just enjoyable? Who knows what antics I’ll get up to…?

[Privileged is an American television show that ran on the CW from 2008 to 2009 for one season.]

How about you: do you have a brand for your writing?

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